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As a biochemist and health educator, I am always looking for ways to help people enhance their health using the latest information from science, nutrition, medicine, and complementary therapies. Therefore, I created the following products to help you take charge of your health. These products resulted from my own search for answers to health concerns.

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Feed Your Brain for Learning Feed Your Brain for Learning.

Designed to help you nourish the brain for academic achievement, this book answers such questions as what snacks provide "brain food," how a protein breakfast improves learning and concentration, what foods and supplements help ADHD, and what 5 health hazards are associated with excess soft drink consumption.

You will find out how regular physical exercise affects test performance, what 10 simple tips improve nutrition to the brain, how to test whether the brain has enough water, why caffeine may hinder learning, and how educators can incorporate nutrition instruction by grade level and discipline.

Great for: teachers, parents, students, home school parents, counselors, PTAs, administrators, school board members, and anyone who desires to improve learning in any setting.

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Feed Your Brain for MemoryFeed Your Brain for Memory.

An easy-to-read book designed for adults who are beginning to notice occasional lapses in memory or difficulty concentrating in either themselves or others. In the privacy of your own home, learn how to reduce these lapses with natural foods, supplements, and daily activities.

From scientific research, discover what foods to eat daily to protect against Alzheimer's; why B-complex vitamins help reduce depression, night wakening, and irritability; how lack of water causes confusion, constipation, and arthritis pain; how to spot over 40 symptoms of low thyroid function and its effect on memory; which prescription medications lead to memory loss and confusion; which 8 natural supplements (including dosages) help the brain and memory; and how caffeine (in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and pain relievers) may be detrimental to the brain and body.

Ideal for: anyone who worries about his or her memory, personnel at senior care residences, health care professionals, individuals who notice the memory lapses of their loved ones, therapists, social workers, and others who wish to preserve memory in older adult clients.

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I want you to be satisfied, so all products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just return the product for a full refund.

Special Note about Products
Health Store products are meant to complement, not replace, the advice of your health care professional. If you have current health challenges for which you see a health care practitioner, discuss changes in diet, health supplements, and physical activity with him or her. With knowledge of your personal physical condition and medications, your practitioner can answer questions and help you make appropriate decisions to enhance your health.

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