Feed Your Brain for Learning

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • What is the connection between food, brain performance, and learning?
  • k-12 education, nutrition food, nutrition information, child nutrition, brain food, brain-based learning, studentsHow does eating breakfast help student achievement?
  • Why does protein improve attention in class?
  • Does eating wheat germ and tuna fish reduce ADHD?
  • Why does a high intake of soft drinks cause poor concentration?
  • What helps students be willing to eat fruits and vegetables?
  • Why is physical activity better brain relief for students than TV?
  • How does eating whole-grain foods make students less irritable?
  • What can you do to help students’ brains be ready to learn?
  • Why does a high-carbohydrate lunch make students sleepy in the afternoon?
  • How is caffeine hard on the brain?
  • How does water improve brain function?

Find the answers in Feed Your Brain for Learning, an eye-opening book by a former science teacher, who observed first hand the effects of good nutrition on the performance of her students. From this handy reference, you will discover

  • Snacks that provide “brain food”
  • 10 simple ways to improve nutrition to the brain
  • Effects of regular physical exercise on test performance
  • Ways to incorporate nutrition into classrooms, grouped by academic level and discipline
  • Food pyramid for the brain
  • Ways to use food labels and ingredient panels to find “brain food”
  • Reasons why caffeine and lack of water decrease brain performance
  • 5 health hazards from excess soft drink consumption
  • Caffeine content of 12 popular beverages
  • 16 signs of anemia (iron deficiency)
  • The role of adequate sleep in learning
  • Brain performance problems when students don’t eat breakfast or they eat a high-carbohydrate breakfast
  • Effects of food choices on teachers
  • 40 signs of hypothyroidism and its effect on learning
  • Brain food for test days
  • Effects of food types (protein, carbohydrate and fat) on brain performance
  • Helps for ADHD

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One whole chapter describes research by an elementary teacher, who recorded the effects of three weeks of protein-based breakfasts on 20 second-grade students. She documents improvements in time on task, assignment completion, and attendance; she also lists reductions in physical complaints and off-task comments.

What Satisfied Readers Say

The information targets not only the nutritional impact of diet on the human body but also on the brain. H. Jaafar, middle school principal

I received a copy of your most helpful nutrition book at the PTA Council meeting where you spoke. I have shared the information in it with many people and recently sent it home with an Indiana friend. P. Brouillette, school board member

After reading Feed Your Brain for Learning, I did a research study in which I fed my second-grade students a protein breakfast in class. They completed 86% of the morning assignments compared to 27% in the weeks before the study! Pam Green, elementary teacher

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Who will benefit from Feed Your Brain for Memory: anyone who worries about his or her memory, personnel at senior care residences, health care professionals, individuals who notice the memory lapses of their loved ones, therapists, social workers, and others who wish to preserve memory in older adult clients.

About the Author: Sandy Baumann, M.S., received a Master’s Degree in biochemistry from Michigan State University. She taught biochemistry to students at Michigan colleges, directed a hospital-based health promotion program for 30,000 senior citizens, and is a health columnist for the Observer/Eccentric newspapers and Quality Lifestyle magazine.

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