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We make it easy for you to have a successful event with a customized presentation-including student assemblies, one-hour keynotes, half-day workshops, and all-day (six-hour) intensives. To obtain an outline for a specific presentation, just email Sandy ([email protected]), or call (248) 474-1974.

Pleasure: A New Approach to Stress Management
Get in on the fun as you discover how pleasure is a natural antidepressant that doesn’t require a prescription! In an entertaining format, you will learn how to use nature, music, unstructured time, socialization, humor, meditation, soothing aromas, and wall posters to improve your mood and outlook. You will also discover how to use the power of your mind to relax into a mental vacation anytime. Plan to leave with more hope, some new jokes, and a smorgasbord of tips to revitalize your life.

Feed Your Brain for Memory
Have you noticed recently that you (or your relatives) are having “junior” or “senior moments” by misplacing keys, forgetting names, or encountering occasional lapses in memory? Learn how to reverse these difficulties with everyday foods, supplements, and daily activities. Discover novel approaches to recall where you put your keys and cell phone, the name of the person you are introducing, and what you went to get in the other room. From scientific research, find out what foods to eat daily to nourish your brain, which fats prevent depression and Alzheimer’s, which eight supplements enhance memory, and why water, B-complex vitamins, crossword puzzles, and fun trips preserve memory function.

Feed Your Brain for Learning
The phrase “food for thought” is now true for classrooms everywhere, proven by research that shows the correlation between brain nutrition and learning. Would you like to find out how eating breakfast helps students of all ages learn better? Why does protein improve attention and decrease restless behavior at school? What foods help reduce ADHD? How can three bottles of soft drinks a week cause a child to gain 10 lbs in a year? Learn the answers to these questions, along with science-based ways to help students, parents, and educators jumpstart their brains to improve learning, classroom behavior, and student achievement. An ideal complement to brain-based learning initiatives and staff development in any educational environment, including home schooling.

“Wake Up Your Brain!” Student Assembly
In this 30-minute, engaging and interactive student assembly, Sandy introduces students to “Sleepy Brain,” “Grumpy Brain,” and “Star Brain.” These characters dramatically illustrate how the brain feels with no breakfast, with too much junk food and pop, and with the right foods and beverages. Students will discover how protein at breakfast wakes up the brain, understand why junk food makes the brain grumpy, and learn how to test themselves for adequate water intake. You will see powerful visual demonstrations that give you language to help you partner with students to encourage healthy eating habits for great learning and improved assignment completion. Suitable for grades 4-7.

Tune Your Brain for Success
Whether you work with people, projects, technology, or tools, you need your brain awake, alert, and energetic. If you struggle some days to concentrate or you run out of energy in mid-afternoon, this workshop will provide strategies to fuel your productivity. You will discover how caffeine increases stress, why protein for breakfast and lunch enhances work output, and why high-carbohydrate continental breakfasts drain energy for meetings. You will be able to accomplish your daily work with less strain and irritability and go home with energy left over for your family and friends. As an added bonus, you will sleep better and overeat less.

Help! I’m Burning Out
Are you elated on Fridays and depressed on Mondays? Did you know that heart attacks occur most often on Mondays? The reason may be burnout. Fortunately, by noticing the symptoms and stages of burnout in time to make changes, you don’t have to sacrifice your life for your work. After looking at your overloads at home and work, you may brainstorm with other attendees simple strategies to help you find time for yourself. By learning the effects of your food, beverages, and sleep habits on stress, you may reduce the number of headaches and sleepless nights you experience. Discover how to rejuvenate your spirt by choosing recreation that is the opposite of work stress, such as going fishing after interacting with people or socializing with friends after doing computer tasks. Leave this presentation refreshed, optimistic, and hopeful.

Save Senior Memory
Match wits with the forces that rob older adults of their memory and independence! If you are a caregiver, family member, or professional concerned that older adults are needlessly losing memory or independence, you can fight back. Manageable lifestyle changes can work wonders in reducing the incidence of memory loss, depression, dementia, heart attack, and stroke in older adults. Could it be as easy as serving eggs for breakfast, providing access to outdoor sunshine, handing out water, posting cartoons, looking at family pictures, patting shoulders, playing with children, and sharing jokes? Come find out during a compelling presentation that will give you more tools than you dreamed were possible.

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